How Teachers Use Machine Learning and AI to Grade Quickly and Fairly!

Let HappyGrader assist you to create, share, and reapply digital scoring guides with full and partial credit plus rubrics for FRQs so you can return results faster, grade more consistently, and save time to do what matters most!

How HappyGrader Works

What Makes Us Different

Time Saving

HappyGrader can cut your grading time in half, helping to prevent burnout!

Easy Peasy

No more cumbersome tools that are hard to navigate. HappyGrader is as easy at it gets!

Seamless Integration

Use any online form, export results to any LMS & save results to your own computer!

Created By Teachers, For Teachers

HappyGrader has been in the making for over 10 years! This amazing group of high school math teachers in Carlsbad, CA have been using it to grade over 10,000 exams and counting! Use HappyGrader for any subject with students in any grade! See what it’s all about.

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