How HappyGrader Works

Step 1 – EXAMS & Forms

Students complete their normal paper-and-pencil exams. The teacher creates a customized online form with matching question types to the exam, and students take five minutes to type their final answers into the secure form (or the exam can be embedded digitally). Special math, science, and world language characters can be found here for teachers to include in the form and for students to copy and paste if needed.

Step 2 – Happy Grading!

In the spreadsheet populated by the forms, HappyGrader assists the teacher to identify patterns in the students’ responses and to create a scoring guide that includes full- and partial-credit, rubrics for free-response questions, and general feedback and scoring rationale. Alternatively, if a scoring guide already exists, HappyGrader simply applies it to the new student responses. Any remaining responses (including FRQs) are then graded interactively with HappyGrader.

Step 3 – Share Results

The teacher saves everything to their own drive, exports the scores to their LMS, and can analyze summary statistics for each question. Teachers can share and reapply the same scoring guide for future classes to take most of the work out of their grading!

A Tool that Will Make Grading Easier!

Score responses in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface with on-screen prompts. Let HappyGrader assist you to identify patterns in your students' responses. Use rubrics to breeze through free-response questions. Who knew grading could be this easy!

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